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surgical aspirators

Benefits Of Surgical Aspirators In Dentistry

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As a patient, have you noticed the suction device that dentists use when cleaning teeth? Several surgical aspirators are needed to keep the working area dry and free of saliva, blood, and liquids. 


A suction device in any oral health care facility prevents health risks during surgery, surgery, or basic dental practices.


Suction tips forcefully suck up large amounts of water, drilling spray, particles, and pieces of cement or filling material. They are necessary for preparations and during fillings.


A newly built dental practice, or one remodeling, needs equipment such as a suction device to perform day-to-day dental treatments. Suction devices can be a worthwhile investment as you discover devices that can enhance your dental practice. 


What are surgical aspirators in dentistry?

The American Dental Association (ADA), along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), requires all hospitals, urgent care centers, dental clinics, and any medical or dental facility to have a suction device. 


Every dental clinic should have a suction device, as its suitability for preventing bacterial and viral infections in the workplace is high quality. 


A suction device has many related names; high volume evacuator (HVE), suction machine, aerosols, and saliva ejector. This machine is highly recommended for any dental practice as it removes substances from the patient’s mouth while dental treatments are performed. 


What do surgical aspirators do?

Yes, it removes saliva, blood, and spray mist caused by high-speed turbines; however, it also contributes significantly to dental aerosol control.


Arguably, with the emergence of COVID-19, this past year has elevated a humble (and unglamorous) piece of dental equipment to a new status. As a result, more than ever, dental professionals are concerned about the aerosol in their practice and its impact on safety.


Most dental practices have both high-volume and low-volume suction devices. A high-volume evacuation (HVE) device draws a greater volume of air through the tube over a period of time than a low-volume evacuation (LVE) device. 


Both devices use the same static vacuum pressure, but the difference in air volume is determined by the tubing size or the number of holes in the suction tip. The LVE is widely used with saliva ejectors.


The importance of surgical aspirators

The dental suction system is an essential element in a dental practice. In 1961 the German manufacturer Dürr Dental made the first dental suction system. Since then, the suction system has become very popular in dentistry.


This invention completely transformed the way dentists worked, who started to treat their patients horizontally instead of vertically. With the suction system, the hygiene of the process was improved, and the ergonomics and comfort for the patient and the practitioner.


A medical suction pump is a crucial piece of equipment in any dental clinic or practice. Its primary use is the reduction or elimination of cross-contamination between the patient and the dentist through motors and suction systems.


A proper suction pump improves patient outcomes, reduces the risk of complications, and can intervene quickly in a serious dental emergency.


Features of surgical aspirators

The suction system is composed of the motor, the tubes, and the terminal part of the suction system installed in the dental unit, which is composed of rubber tubes and suction cannulas.


Modern rotary instruments spray pressurized water to cool the treatment area, creating a cloud of water particles. Only a suction system of adequate power can reduce the cloud of water particles to less than the working distance of the practitioner.


For these two reasons, dental suction systems are nowadays an essential and indispensable element in any dental practice.


There are two types of dental suction systems, depending on the air/liquid separation of each dental unit or the suction motor itself. 


It is vital to be familiar with both systems, as one choice will affect essential elements of the practice design, such as drains, piping, heights, etc.


Dry suction systems

The dry suction system takes its name from the fact that the air-liquid separation is carried out in the dental units by employing a centrifugal or decanting separator. In this way, all the liquid is sent to a drain that must be located under each dental unit in the clinic.


When separating the liquid in each unit, we need one separator and one drain per unit, but we do not need a drain at the clinic’s motor because only dry air reaches the suction system.


Water suction systems

In the water suction system, no air-liquid separator is placed in the equipment, and liquids and air reach the suction system.


In this system, the suction motor runs dry, but the equipment is equipped with an air-water separator. This is more efficient than the one usually used in dental equipment, ensuring no liquids reach the motor. Instead, the fluids are directed to a drain placed on the motor.


Some of the benefits of improved dental aspiration technique


– Improved safety and comfort for patients.

– Reduced anxiety of patients and the dental team.

– Increase the field of vision of clinicians.

– Improved working relationships.

– Increased confidence and job satisfaction for the dental team.

– An efficient seating position will reduce back pain and other occupational hazards.


A wide range of suction tips

Quantities of water dispersed when working with turbines or contra-angle handpieces can be easily sucked up with the more extensive suction tips. 


The ergonomic shape and wide suction opening make these aspirators easy to handle and capable of aspirating even large amounts of liquid and debris. These aspirator tips are available for adults and children, as well as in a variety of colors.


Sterile aspirator tips

Smaller sterile aspirator tips are often used for orthodontic surgical procedures, as they can easily reach hard-to-reach areas when performing extractions or root tip resections. 


Their thin, curved shape makes them best for direct aspiration in surgical sites, endodontic treatments, or suture removal. These sterile suction tips are used only once and are discarded after use.


Maintenance of the dental suction system

Once you have purchased and installed your suction system, it is essential to consider its cleaning and maintenance. Good maintenance of the dental suction system avoids obstructions and general malfunction. 


For that, it must be cleaned daily with a disinfectant to avoid bad odors and prevent the system from clogging and stopping working.


In addition, another thing to pay attention to is the new European regulation on amalgam separators. From January 2019, all dental clinics must separate the amalgam from the liquids drained through the dental suction system.


Your Surgical Aspirators in Newport Beach, CA

At Dental Assets, we offer the best surgical aspirators and aspirator tips for your practice. Become a thorough dentist by acquiring what we provide in this supply section: 


We provide the best dental instruments for dentists looking to stay on the cutting edge of modern dental procedures. Never pay more to meet the most outstanding high-quality standards. 


By purchasing our quality surgical aspirators and aspirator tips, you’ll make your patients’ lives easier by turning your workspace into a complete dental office powerhouse.


At Dental Assets, we look forward to helping our customers with their surgical aspirating requirements and inquiries. If you still haven’t decided which suction system you prefer for your dental practice or still have any questions, please, call us at (888)518-5788 or contact us to discuss your requirements and find custom solutions tailored just for you.


And to keep you informed of all the news, trends, offers, and promotions, follow us on our social networks; we are waiting for you!



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