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Best Dental Supplies and Products of 2022

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Choosing the right supplies and products for a dental practice is a matter of personal preference. You need to find the products that work for you, your staff, your patients, and your budget.


The best dental products of the year are things that you can quickly put into your dental practice to facilitate improved patient experiences, reduce the overall costs to run in your practice, and provide faster, more efficient tools to help you make a diagnosis.


It’s essential to make intelligent dental care purchases while ensuring that your practice will bring about the growth needed for success. Here is our helpful guide to the best products you can purchase for your practice.  


House Brand Luminary + LED Curing Light

The House Brand Luminary + LED Curing light is designed with multiple LEDs that’ll produce various wavelengths of light and set any white filling material on the market. It’s a durable product that will last you a long time. It’s made from quality materials for durability. 


They are bright and efficient while allowing you to set white filling material within seconds. When you’re ready to invest more in your dental office supplies, the House Brand Luminary + LED Curing light is the way to go. For around $300, you can purchase House Brand’s curing light and save yourself time during your procedures. 


3M Impregum Penta

For reproducing tooth molds, the dental impression material is available in a range of preparation speeds and consistencies depending on how you use it. 


This line of impression material is a synthetic elastomer that can be used for single-stage impression techniques. It is perfect for final impressions of bridges, crowns, partial dentures, and implants. In addition, it is ideal for any situation where moisture control is a challenge. 


You can use the quick impression material for more minor bridge impressions, the heavy body material for functional impressions, implant impressions, veneer impressions, etc.


Dry socket paste

A great product to have on your shelves is dry socket paste suitable for treating alveolitis. 


If you usually numb your patient, scrape the alveolus and then notice some bleeding, this dry socket paste can be placed right on top of the gel foam and send the patient on their way clean and pain-free. 


Dry socket paste works without gauze, providing your patients with instant pain relief during procedures.  


Orotol Plus

Like everywhere else in the world, due to the pandemic, some of the best dental products of the year are those that help you maintain a safe and sterile practice. 


It is a non-foaming concentrate that you can use to remove odors from dental materials and germs and clean all parts of your suction systems. It also dissolves any biofilm or sludge from proteins, saliva, blood, or microorganisms in the environment. 


This particular product is a widely used disinfectant solution that you can integrate into your practice to eliminate infections in a dental suction system, get rid of germs, and prolong the life of your dental equipment. 


Premium Plus patient chair

Assuming your dental office has enough space for your patients to recline comfortably, this premium chair is a quality investment.


Your patient’s comfort is essential; you can give them the relaxation they deserve during their dental procedure so you can work more at ease. Their comfort is your comfort. 


Fiber Optic Handpieces

Another of this year’s top products to include in your practice is a fiber optic handpiece. While some dentists may still rely on air-powered turbines, fiber-optic handpieces now use artificial light near the end to adequately illuminate any surface being worked on. 


Fiber optic technology sends light through a transparent material that is the size of human hair without generating any heat. These tools function as proven diagnostic tools but do not require any other digital technology. 


Using fiber optic tools in your practice can help you with things like locating cementum, assessing stain depth, evaluating soft tissue lesions, assessing vaporized perimeters for composite resins, and generally inspecting oral health for your patience.


BesQual Electric Heating Tool

At the top of the list of American dental supplies are milling units. So it’s a plus that companies have created milling units that collaborate with digital impression systems. This allows you to develop crowns in-house.


The BesQual electric heating tool lets you get your images and use the milling system to design the crown in your dental office while your patient waits. 


Silver diamine fluoride liquid


This particular product can help decrease the rate of oral caries in adults and children without local anesthesia in an affordable, non-invasive and safe environment. 


The high levels of silver diamine fluoride cause chemical reactions that kill bacteria and minimize tooth decay in the tooth structure.


With silver diamine fluoride liquid, dentists can provide minimally invasive methods to stop tooth decay, especially in situations where, for example, stay-at-home orders due to pandemics or medical conditions prevent patients from receiving the comprehensive dental care they need. 


Zolar Photon dental diode laser

A diode laser allows for easy cutting and the same results as a blade, making it possible for dentists to cut in a bloodless environment. 


Not only that, but this product also coagulates while cutting and allows for the desired drainage. This is an excellent product for a painless and perfect post-operative procedure.  

Glass ionomer cement

As more and more people are demanding tooth-colored restorative services for their teeth, glass ionomer cement has the advantage of releasing fluoride and acting as a water-swell powder.


Glass ionomer cement, or GIC, is a restorative material used by dentists as a liner, sealant, or filling material. You can also use it to restore baby teeth or help with erosion decay.


Releasing fluoride can reduce tooth decay and deterioration while maintaining a physical and chemical bond with the tooth structure. In your dental practice, you can use ionomer cement as a restorative material for composites. 


Best Dental Supplies and Products in Newport Beach, CA

Choosing the right supplies and products for a dental practice is a matter of personal preference. First, you have to find the products that work for you, your staff, your patients, and your budget. 


When shopping for dental office supplies, you need to consider how it will benefit your patients. Before making a technology decision, look at it from the perspective of what will best care for your patients. Investing in supplies that improve patient health is a top priority. 


Once you find the supplies and equipment you prefer, monitor your inventory to know when to order new supplies. However, with innovations available constantly, it’s a good idea to keep up with what’s new and exciting. 


Now that you know this year’s best supplies and products, you can confidently choose what’s new for your dental practice. At Dental Assets, we want you to provide quality service with top-notch products, so we have the best products for you at your fingertips.


Visit our supplies section and get up to date with what’s new that our experts have for you. 


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