Dental Burs: What Every Dentist Should Know


What are dental burs? Dental burs are an essential part of everyday general dentistry. The rotary instruments, designed for cutting hard tissues such as tooth enamel or bone, come in various shapes, sizes and grits with two or more sharp-edge blades and multiple cutting edges.   Historically used in the preparation of tooth restoration as […]

All about Dental Scaling


Dental scaling tools are the actual “work horses” in the dental hygienist’s instrument kit. The quality, type, and size of the scaler you select will dramatically affect your daily efficiency and the level of service you provide to patients.   Poorly crafted pieces make it more difficult to clean the teeth of patients with extensive […]

Benefits Of Surgical Aspirators In Dentistry

surgical aspirators

As a patient, have you noticed the suction device that dentists use when cleaning teeth? Several surgical aspirators are needed to keep the working area dry and free of saliva, blood, and liquids.    A suction device in any oral health care facility prevents health risks during surgery, surgery, or basic dental practices.   Suction […]

Infection Control In The Dental Office

Infection Control

Infection control procedures are actions taken in healthcare facilities to prevent the spread of disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends infection control in dental offices.    Your dentist is concerned about your safety and strives to prevent the spread of infection. Therefore, before entering the exam room, all surfaces, such as the […]

Electric Handpieces: Everything You Need to Know

Electric Handpieces

Comfortable and powerful electric handpieces are vital for any dental practice. Not only does it stand out over pneumatic handpieces, but its advantages favor patients and dentists.    Electric handpieces in recent years The handpiece is one of the essential parts of dental practice. From minor adjustments to everyday tasks, they have been used as […]

Dental Cement: What You Need to Know


If you are having difficulty choosing the proper dental cement for your restorations, it’s time to stop and learn a little more about it.    It is well known that dental cement has been used in restorations for a long time; it is what gives restorations their bonding power. These composites provide the ability to […]

Best Dental Supplies and Products of 2022


Choosing the right supplies and products for a dental practice is a matter of personal preference. You need to find the products that work for you, your staff, your patients, and your budget.   The best dental products of the year are things that you can quickly put into your dental practice to facilitate improved […]

What You Need to Renovate Your Dental Practice


When running a dental practice, you run the risk of falling into a routine that can become boring after a few years. When routine becomes comfortable, everyone on the team starts doing things in their comfort zone. Just as this affects your business, it also has consequences personally, as it limits your professional growth. But […]

Oil-Free Air Compressors for a Better Future

Oil-Free Air Compressors for a Better Future

The initiative for a brighter tomorrow doesn’t come around often enough. We all have a role to play, whether by supporting the global brands encouraging campaigns or working with environmentally-friendly equipment, such as oil-free air compressors.  The positive impact these oil-free products can have on the environmental world with the problem of carbon emissions only […]

How Much Do Dental Chairs Cost?

How Much Do Dental Chairs Cost?

After comparing six different dental chairs on the market, the average price of a dental chair is between $4,000 to $9,000. Refurbished or used dental chairs costs between $3,000 to $7,000 on average. Let’s go over a detailed comparison. Detailed Comparison of Dental Chairs in 2021 Product 1: A-12 Operatory Package Dental Chair by Flight Dental […]

The Best Dental Curing Lights to Buy in 2021

The Best Dental Curing Lights to Buy in 2021

The Best Dental Curing Lights to Buy in 2021 We will help you find the best dental curing lights for sale that are well priced and reliable in 2021. As technology continues to advance, it’s important to know what the best dental curing lights on the market are.  What are the Must-Have Features? Should have […]

Straight from the top!

Straight From The Top!

Hemos sido contactados por una importante cadena corporativa de odontología para suministrar a sus consultorios  instrumentos BMT . Estos instrumentos dentales alemanes de alta calidad cuentan actualmente con CE (Conformidad Europea), EN ISO 13485:2012 + AC:2012 (Sistema de Gestión de Calidad de Dispositivos Médicos), BMG (Ministerio Federal de Salud de Alemania), FDA (Administración de Alimentos […]