23 Nov Hot Dental Offices in the Winter – Compressor and Vacuum Care

Maintain or Repair/Replace – How to keep your office running nice and HOT! Thanksgiving is a time where we give thanks to family, friends and good health, but do any of us give thanks to a working dental office? For a dental practice owner, a well running office is a product of organization and preventive […]

Film vs Digital Sensors – The Dental Imaging Debate

FILM IS BETTER! NO, DIGITAL IS BETTER! Does this sounds like the children fighting as to who’s ice cream is better? Is there proof as to which one is better? As with most things in life, there is always a better option, but the question is at what cost? Today’s dentists have many options in […]

When is it OK to buy used equipment?

Buying dental equipment is like buying a car. Do you buy New? Used? Certified-Pre-Owned? Auction? If money isn’t an issue, I assume your will purchase new and exotic. Sadly, not all of us have that luxury. The frugal business owner will most likely shop between major dental suppliers and now; search on DentalAssets.com, the only Online […]