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Dental Cement: What You Need to Know

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If you are having difficulty choosing the proper dental cement for your restorations, it’s time to stop and learn a little more about it. 


It is well known that dental cement has been used in restorations for a long time; it is what gives restorations their bonding power. These composites provide the ability to provide long-term care when a tooth needs to be replaced or bonded, making restoring a smile a success. 


But, what is dental cement?

For those who do not yet know the magic of dental cement, you should know that this material, in all its variations, has a wide range of uses and can improve the durability of a new tooth and create long-term success.


This material is formed by mixing different components, usually, powder and liquid, which is a fluid state, are applied between two surfaces and sets, acquiring mechanical strength and hardness. 


Dental cement is specifically made to resist the bite pressure produced by the teeth and the maxillary bones. This cement is an adhesive material that is highly resistant to caries and can be easily mixed with the restoration and the natural tooth for repairs.


Therefore, when choosing a dental cement that suits your practice needs, it is essential to keep a couple of ideal characteristics. 


Essential characteristics of dental cement


A reasonable price is significant when buying a product, isn’t it? Therefore, your first step should be to choose a reasonably priced product. Also, a cheap one may not be as effective as the more expensive ones, probably because they will be of lower quality. 


That is why it is vital that when buying dental cement, you consider your budget and the result you want to achieve for your patients. Then, by purchasing high-quality products, you ensure exceptional results. 



Dental cement should have good ingredients so that it can use safely. The product you choose should not have harmful components or agents or be unsafe. Be sure to choose a safe, clinically tested, pH-neutral dental cement.


Products with low-quality or harmful ingredients may cause pain or irritation when applied. 



The durability of a brand is one of the most important factors when choosing dental cement because you don’t want to regret your choice in the future. 


The durability of a product says a lot about its long-term strength. Even if it’s not important now, your customers will thank you when they don’t have to keep coming back to your office for the same procedure repeatedly. 



It’s crucial to find a dental cement that is simple to use but effective and provides the results you want.


Filling gaps between teeth or sealing crowns is one of the most important functions when using dental cement. This is why choosing an instant treatment product that contains quality ingredients is essential.


Film thickness

A suitable luting agent must maintain a minimum thickness of the amount of material to achieve an adequate “flow rate” for the complete seating of prosthetic restorations. 


Up to two minutes after placement, the ISO standard requires 25 microns. The restoration will not sit properly in cement with a thicker film. 


For good results and proper seating of the restoration in the cement, a thin film is necessary for firm adaptation to the wall. 


Solubility in water

In an ideal world, we would like our cement to be virtually insoluble (less than 7 micrograms per cubic mm) and highly water-resistant (less than 40 micrograms per cubic mm). 


A high rate of water solubility in the cement also affects its efficiency as it will cause the cement to expand and stress the restorations, which will ultimately lead to their failure. As well as saliva and other contaminants can also carry away cement if it is too soluble. 


Color stability

Today’s resin cement is “amine-free” and does not contain benzoyl peroxide, which allows them to be color stable. This favors the naturalness of the restoration when restoring a lost smile. 


Best dental cement on the market


It’s never easy to choose from the wide range of offerings on the market today with the incalculable number of models, all at different price points. 


To help you make the best choice among the hundreds of products available, we have decided to offer you a comparison of the dental cement available today to find the best quality/price ratio.


Flexi-Flow Auto E Post Cement

Flexi-Flow Auto E is a dual-flow composite cement in the Vita A2 shade. This titanium and lanthanide reinforced cement has the strength of dentin and provides a solid foundation for posts and restorations.


This low viscosity auto-mix with a self-curing formula chemically bonds to the Radiopaque composite core build-up material.


Flexi-Flow self-cement is the only patented, titanium-reinforced, dentin-strength composite cement. Flexi-Flow provides a solid foundation for your post and restoration.


Mastermedi Zinc Oxide Eugenol Cement Dental Care Kit Glue for Crowns and Bridges Filling

Its formulation includes a zinc oxide cement rich in eugenol and a filler that allows it to be retained by the final restoration. 


Zinc oxide-eugenol cement was first introduced in the early 1970s. Since then, many products have been formulated to address specific properties such as low solubility or improved workability.


This easy-to-mix, fast-setting cement is ideal for filling cavities under fiber posts and impregnating crowns and bridges with gutta-percha. The characteristics of this material have earned its wide use in general and pediatric dental practices.


3M Relyx UNICEM 2 – Automix Resin Cement

3M’s Unicem cement has been a top choice for dentists, and the Automix syringe offers dentists an easy-to-use format for fast procedures and flexible dosing. 


The formula requires no pretreatment, offers excellent adhesion to any surface, and has resistance to fading and a low risk of bubbling. 


This kit comes with its dispensing syringe and multiple tips and works for inlays, crowns, bridges, and onlays and comes with the dispensing syringe and various tips.


Kerr KE-31973 Tempbond Temporary Cement NE Unidose

This temporary cement is ideal for all patients, including compromised oral environments and those with complex restorations.


Temp-bond is the most vital dental cement available and meets ISO and USP Type V strength requirements. 


Smooth flow characteristics and excellent handling qualities allow completing seating of even the most challenging restorations without voids, reducing risk, cost, and treatment time.


GS Supplies G-S Hypo Cement Transparent

Used for watch-fitting parts, model building, optical applications, and more, G-S Hypo Cement quickly and permanently bonds plastic to glass, steel to ceramic, and has high bond strength without obstructing sightlines.


G-S Hypo Cement is the ultimate precision dental cement for various applications. Its easy-to-use tip applicator lets you get enough cement in the right place without a mess.


Dental cement on the rise

According to the latest market research conducted, the overall size of the U.S. dental cement market was valued at $122 million in 2020, down 58% from 2019 due to the impact of COVID on the market. However, despite the economic downturn, the U.S. market size will exceed $300 million in 2026.


The past two decades have seen numerous changes in the composition of dental cement and the introduction of more advanced biocompatible materials. 


The importance of dental cement has increased over time as the demand and use of all-ceramic restorations made cement quality and esthetic characteristics more relevant to patients and dentists.


As the number of dental restorative procedures grows, multiple companies are vying for a position in this highly competitive market.


Dental cement in Newport Beach, CA

At Dental Assets, we take nothing for granted. If you want to become a comprehensive and complete dentist, our professionals provide you with the best dental instruments for dentists looking to stay on the cutting edge of modern dental procedures. 


We make sure that our clients never pay more for their needs. By choosing us, you commit to your clients to provide them with the most comfortable, reliable, consistent, and comprehensive dental service. That’s a commitment to success. 

Dental Assets offers you the best dental cement for your practice. Find our products for sale by browsing our catalog on our website:


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