Part V If you think your troubles are almost over, you may want to reconsider your decision to start your dental office. You’ve developed your marketing plans, have your equipment and other specialty items integrated into your dental buildout and your contractor has finalized and been approved for electrical, plumbing, and has started dry-wall and painting the interior.

Your office space is beginning to look like a dental office! If your making a digital dental office, your contractor has run a patch panel and you have began shopping for a switch, server, work stations, router(s), software, firewall, and other networking goodies to keep you HIPPA compliant. In addition you’ve considered a phone system and phone locations and have your cabinet maker or fitted the size of your cabinetry to your office and selected your paint, flooring, and doors. While the majority of your build-out has been completed, as with most tasks, the final 10% is what sets the difference between average and extraordinary.

With the walls getting buttoned up, its time to source your large equipment: Dental Chair(s), X-ray head(s), Compressor, Vacuum, Sterilizer, X-ray Film / Digital Sensors, and other large equipment. Certain items you should purchase new, others you can purchase used. We at highly recommend you purchase your vacuum, compressor, and digital sensors new. These are essentials to practicing dentistry and you will want quality equipment. Dental chairs, you can purchase used and reupholster unless you find one in great condition.

As a reminder, will assist you in finding new and used equipment. Take a look at the equipmentsuppliesCE courses, and items we have for auction by visiting our homepage: 

Other items, such as such as computers, sterilizers, waiting room chairs, etc can be found at used prices in great quality.  At assists you in finding this equipment at bargain prices from other dentists who are either retiring or have no need for it in their office.

With most of your large equipment figured out you will want to ensure your digital office is networked. With the recent advancements in Wi-Fi technology, you can utilize laptops in your office as mobile stations , but need to ensure your entire office is covered by your Wi-Fi router. In most cases, we recommend using a combination of a traditional network utilizing a patch panel, switch, firewall, router and cat5/cat6 ethernet cables to ensure your office is prepared. In the name of network security, we recommend hidden SSIDs, secure passwords, and hardwiring as many connections as possible. We will cover this more in depth as we prepare our to network our office.

As a reminder, your business entity name should have been accepted and published, your logo created/finalized, your banner or signage being prepared,  sign up with all insurance providers you want to accept, apply for your personal insurance and other licensing you will need and are beginning to order your supplies or other equipment you will need. There are quite a few legal requirements needed to open a dental office and its best to ensure you set your best foot forward. 

If you have any conerns starting your dental office buildout or questions in general, email us at [email protected]