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Electric Handpieces

Electric Handpieces: Everything You Need to Know

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Comfortable and powerful electric handpieces are vital for any dental practice. Not only does it stand out over pneumatic handpieces, but its advantages favor patients and dentists. 


Electric handpieces in recent years

The handpiece is one of the essential parts of dental practice. From minor adjustments to everyday tasks, they have been used as instruments of efficiency and precision. As technology advances, this indispensable part is from its rudimentary beginnings to its more modern electric version. 


This precision tool capable of completing even intricate procedures with relative ease is essential in the dental world. Without it, dentists would struggle to perform the most common procedures, from shaping teeth and removing decay to that dreaded root canal.


Electric handpieces and their market entry 

One of the main components of any dental tool kit is the humble but helpful handpiece. 


From rudimentary devices that required brute force, they have evolved into sophisticated instruments capable of quickly executing delicate surgeries. And by adjusting much more than a few parameters or two clicks in the worst case.


Electric handpieces are rapidly replacing traditional high-speed pneumatic handpieces in the U.S. market. 


Industry estimates indicate that only 20% of practices employ an electric handpiece for restorative treatment. In contrast, more than 80% of restorative practices utilize electric handpieces to prepare teeth for restorations in the European market. 


How do electric handpieces work?

Electric handpieces are driven at fewer revolutions than their pneumatic counterparts. 


The rotational speed of electric handpieces reaches a maximum of 40,000 rpm (versus 400,000 to 500,000 rpm for pneumatic units). Still, it can be “pushed” up to 200,000 rpm with a sophisticated gearing system. 


The lack of speed is more than made up for by the significantly higher torque of electric handpieces, which produce up to 60 W of cutting power or torque (versus less than 20 W for air). 


Clinically, during continuous tooth preparation, the electric handpiece does not slow down or stop when the bur is pressed against complex tooth structures and restorative materials. 


Instead, it continues to cut with constant torque throughout the entire speed range, regardless of the load. The value in the practice of this increased torque is a doubling of cutting speed with less operator fatigue.


Electric handpieces in the dental world

A comfortable and powerful electric handpiece is vital for any dental practice. They bring precision and consistency to your dental treatments, allowing you to provide patients with the best dental work possible.


An excellent dental handpiece can be used in various applications, from general dentistry to periodontics and dental implant surgery. 


Practitioners who have tried electric handpieces are quickly convinced of the advantages of preparing a tooth for a crown with an electric handpiece.


Why are electric handpieces essential for dentists?

Your handpieces represent an essential part of your total dental equipment investment and, when functioning correctly, contribute to a smoothly running practice.


Electric handpiece systems provide the power and precision you as a dental professional expects from your handpieces. 


By using an electric motor instead of the practice’s air system to rotate the bur, these systems typically offer higher and more consistent torque than air-powered handpieces. 


This precision makes electric handpieces better at maintaining consistent cutting speed and power for smoother cuts and margins. 


This makes an electric handpiece an invaluable asset to your dental practice. It allows you to accommodate anxious patients and encourage them to comply with procedural protocols more easily. 


This can increase customer satisfaction and bring more clients into your practice. 


Advantages and more advantages

With an electric dental handpiece, the most significant advantage it has over other styles of dental handpieces, aside from a smaller head, is consistency. There tends to be a speed reduction in an air turbine handpiece when the handpiece experiences friction. 


In contrast, the electric dental handpiece can maintain the same speed throughout the treatment for more precise dental work, thanks to the motor’s higher torque. 


This reduced head diameter allows for a better line of sight to the area you are preparing, giving you greater precision. Also, many of these models will enable you to choose the speed of the head. 


A necessary change 

Handpiece noise has long been identified as a significant problem for the dentist (and the equipment in general). The high-pitched whistling of the air-driven handpiece is one of the leading causes of wear and tear on the dentist’s ears. 


Many air handpiece dentists have mild to moderate hearing loss in their ear contralateral to their operative hand. 


The contralateral ear is fully exposed to the whistling of the handpiece. At the same time, the bulk of the nose protects the ipsilateral ear. 


Electric handpieces are much quieter, gentler, and kinder to the hearing organs. In addition, smoother operation and reduced vibrations reduce annoying high-pitched whistling. This means that elderly dentists with electric handpieces will enjoy their full hearing ability.


Why should electric handpieces be used?

Take a moment and imagine your practice without the modern dental handpiece. Imagine cutting the hardest substance in the body with only the use of hand instruments. It’s probably impossible to imagine.


Although handpieces are the most commonly used device in restorative dentistry, this product has a wide variation. Their quality, price, longevity, and after-sales support depend on the handpiece’s supplier, make, and model.


These electric systems can use a variety of handpieces to allow for contra-angle, straight handpiece styles, and some electric systems come with programs for endodontic and implant uses. 


Find an electric handpiece system that gives you the performance you need with a comfortable design and easy-to-use control interface. Good quality, well-maintained handpieces can help your practice minimize unnecessary expenses and even avoid appointment delays.


Electric handpiece in these covid times

Many aerosols are produced when the dentist uses the traditional handpiece to treat the patient’s teeth. The aerosols can permeate the dentist, the patient, and even the entire room. If the patient carries the virus, it will be transmitted throughout the room and the aerosol. 


Dentists and their assistants can become infected by inhaling viral aerosols. Therefore, controlling the spread of aerosols to prevent infection of doctors and assistants is vital in dental offices. 


Everyone needs better protection in this COVID-19 virus era, especially in the dental office. 


We can use an aerosol aspirator to vacuum, filter, and disinfect the aerosol generated or reduce the generation of aerosols from the source. For example, using an electrically powered dental handpiece as much as possible.


Experiments show that the electric dental handpiece produces much less aerosol than the pneumatic dental handpiece during treatment, reducing the risk of doctor-patient infection.


It is clear how many advantages can be gained by switching from traditional to electric handpieces. For the safety of dentists and the entire dental team, patients also benefit from all the advantages this product offers. 


Therefore, we strongly recommend choosing products with an electric motor and high-speed contra-angle with a red ring. This is because being the best option in the market today.


Electric Handpiece in Newport Beach, CA

There’s nothing better than an electric dental handpiece for greater control over your handpiece, greater comfort, and precision during your preparations.


At Dental Assets, we take nothing for granted. We make sure our customers never pay more for their needs by forging a close relationship through our quality equipment and supplements and our dedicated customer service.


If you are interested in electric dental handpieces, please visit our dental equipment page, where you can view our entire line of electrical products. 


If you have any other questions or need to speak with our experienced staff, our support team will be happy to assist you. Call us at (949) 548-4559 and (888) 518-5788.


You commit to your customers to provide them with the most convenient, reliable, consistent, and comprehensive dental service by choosing us.


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