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Turbo Torque Contra Angle Sheath Low-Speed Handpieces

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Turbo Torque Contra Angle Sheath Low-Speed Handpieces
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Low-Speed Handpieces

Vector TT-E4R TURBO TORQUE Contra Angle Sheath Attachment (4:1)

Vector Turbo Torque E-Type attachments and angles will work with all E-type low-speed motors and electric E-type motor systems. The Vector angles have the same thread pattern as NSK so they are interchangeable with all NSK threaded contra-angles. These attachments and angles provide high-quality alternatives without sacrificing performance!

Features & Benefits:

  • Interchangeable with all ISO E-Type Motors and Electric systems
  • Heads fit directly onto all NSK threaded Contra Angles
  • Great value!
  • 6 – Month warranty on Nose Cone & Contra Angle