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Triple 2.25HP, 30 Gallon, Heat Exchanger, Desiccant Dryer (1-6 Users)

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Triple 2.25HP, 30 Gallon, Heat Exchanger, Desiccant Dryer (1-6 Users)


The most essential piece of equipment in your dental practice, can now be your most reliable… Introducing the Eagle-T12 oil-less dental compressor. Hand-pieces can cut through more material with less effort, thanks to powerful, consistent air flow made possible by (x3) AMERICAN MADE 3/4 HP rocking style oil free compressor heads.

Each compressor tank is given a generous application of epoxy coating, which creates an anti-microbial surface, preventing patients and staff from coming into contact with harmful bacteria which assist in the spread of periodontal diseases. Also included is our 4 stage air dryer, which consists of a heat exchanger, mechanical coalescer, Desiccant dryer, and an automatic moisture purge. This helps keep your air lines free from moisture and bacteria, allowing you more time to focus on providing exceptional dental care.

We confidently stand behind this compressor with our rock solid 3-year warranty, & Ouststanding technical support!

Practice dentistry with confidence, knowing you have the unmatched performance of the Sierra Eagle-T12.

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Warranty3 Year
UserUp to 6
Suction9.3 @ 80 psl
Noise level68 dBA
Tank Size27-Gallon
Weight202 lbs.