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Vacuum Filter Housing 1.5″ FPT, Clear Bowl For (TV-12 & TV-22)

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Vacuum Filter Housing 1.5" FPT, Clear Bowl For (TV-12 & TV-22)


Dry (x1) Vacuum filter housing 1.5″ FPT, clear bowl for TV-12 & TV-22

Vacuums need to breathe! If your filter is “clogged”. You will not have sufficient suction at the chair.

When is the last time you checked your filter on your dry vacuum?

“Every 3-6 months you need to change this filter depending on your MODEL”

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Model IVFC-10
Uses 10-micron filter (RMC-10)
One (1) 10-micron filter included
Flow rate 180 CFM
Inlet/Outlet Size  1  1/2″