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500 VA Buck Boost Transformer 12/24 VAC

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500 VA Buck Boost Transformer 12/24 VAC
SDP500- Booster


Buck Booster voltage may vary depending on model and voltage.

Please contact us if your voltage is not the same as the specifications for the product. Low or high voltage can damage your equipment’s electrical components.

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Model SDP500- Booster
Warranty 10 Years
Users Up to 6
Suction 85 CFM 8.5Hg”
Noise level 61 dBA
Voltage *115/230
Amps 10
HP 2.4
Tank Size 12-Gallon
Size L” x W” x H” 21″x20″x17″
Weight 128 lbs.


2020 TV 12 User Manual 3.pdf