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Maintenance Spraynet (500 Ml Can)

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Maintenance Spraynet (500 Ml Can)


Spraynet is used for the cleaning of turbines, Bien-Air micromotors and dental instruments in general, with the aim of keeping them in good working order and significantly extending their service life.

Features of Spraynet:

  • Ideal spray for the correct cleaning, lubrication and sterilisation of dental instruments.
  • It is characterised by being very efficient and simple.
  • It has a high dissolution of impurities.
  • Provides external cleaning. It is recommended to use a clean damp cloth for the maintenance and cleaning of the surfaces of hoses, devices, cables and non-hermetic boxes, and for electric micromotors
  • Guarantees internal cleanliness. Instruments whose insides are cleaned with Spraynet must be re-lubricated before storage or sterilisation. This ensures the proper functioning of the instrument in every intervention over the years.
  • Content: 1 500 ml bottle.