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StartFlow Shade A3.5 Syringe 5Gm Flowable Light-Cure

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StartFlow Shade A3.5 Syringe 5Gm Flowable Light-Cure


Danville Materials StartFlow A3.5 Shade, 5 Gm Syringe 85054 – Light-Cure Flowable Micro-Hybrid Composite, Radiopaque with Long-term Fluoride Release, 5gram Syringe.

Danville Materials StartFlow A3.5 Syringe 5gm Flowable Composite 85054 is a premium dental material designed to restore and enhance dental aesthetics. The A3.5 shade matches the natural color of the teeth, making it ideal for anterior restorations.

Key Features:

  • A3.5 Shade: The A3.5 shade provides a natural appearance that blends seamlessly with a patient’s existing dentition.
  • Light-Cure: This composite cures quickly and effectively when exposed to a dental curing light, allowing for precise placement and control.
  • Flowable: StartFlow’s flowable consistency enables it to adapt easily to cavity preparations, ensuring thorough coverage and minimizing the risk of voids.
  • Radiopaque: The material is radiopaque, aiding in the identification and monitoring of the restoration over time.
  • Long-Term Fluoride Release: StartFlow is designed to release fluoride over an extended period, helping to strengthen the tooth and prevent future decay.


Danville Materials StartFlow A3.5 Flowable Composite Syringe 85054 is a versatile and user-friendly dental composite that combines natural aesthetics with the efficient application. Its flowable nature makes it ideal for various clinical situations, while the long-term fluoride release contributes to the overall oral health of patients. Whether used for small restorations or as a liner/base, this composite offers reliable performance for dental practitioners.

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Manufacturer Code: 85054
Brand: Danville Materials
Class: Flowable composite
Curing: Light-cure
Packaging: 5 gram syringe
Shade: A3.5