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Z-tray 100 Mm

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Z-tray 100 Mm


Z-Tray Vented Sintering Trays provide a convenient and protective method of sintering. Z-Tray is perfect for sintering crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers. This dense, round, ceramic tray provides nearly complete protection from undesired gas vapor condensation on your restoration. Z-Tray used with the sintering cover prevents occasional zirconia discoloring that may otherwise occur due to the heating elements. Having a max service temperature of 1700 degrees Celsius, Z-Tray Vented Sintering Tray maintain good thermal shock and can withstand both a fast heating rate for zirconia and a slow heating rate for long-span bridgework or complex cases. For best results, use with zirconia sintering beads.