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Silicone Semi-Custom Earmold

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Silicone Semi-Custom Earmold


Soft pliable silicone comfort makes this alternative to the standard eartip an easy choice for anyone using an earpiece for any great length of time.

The Semi-Custom Skeleton is the most comfortable, versatile earmold design without taking impressions and making a custom mold. Skeleton style earmolds do not block your ear canal which allows you to hear normally from the ear that you use for your earpiece. For police officers, this provides the big advantage of maintaining situational awareness. In the office environment, you can hear your customers or even answer the phone with the ear you use for your earpiece.

The Semi-Custom Skeleton Earpiece is made of hypo-allergenic medical grade silicone. Three specific sizes for your left or right ear are one step away from a true complete custom fit. Most women wear a small and most men wear a medium.

  • 12 Hour Soft silicone comfort
  • Doesn’t block the ear canal
  • Ability to answer the phone
  • Situational awareness for officers