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FenderPrime Kit (2x18pcs)

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FenderPrime Kit (2x18pcs)


FenderMate® Prime
Fast and safe restorative dentistry with children in mind

FenderMate Prime is a unique combination of a preparation shield and matrix for Class II fillings of primary teeth where quick and simple solutions are highly valued. FenderMate Prime is an interproximal plastic wedge with an inbuilt steel plate. The “boat-shaped” tip allows the gingiva to be compressed without damage and reduces the risk for bleeding. FenderPrime Green (long) can be shaped to the contour of the tooth. Available in two sizes, long and short. FenderMate Prime green (the long wedge) is bendable. FenderMate Prime yellow has a shorter, more rigid plate for very tight interproximal spaces.

4 reasons to use FenderMate® Prime

1. Designed for primary teeth
2. Easy placement
3. One piece design
4. Bendable


Prod No: 602815 FenderMate Prime Assortment, 2×18 pcs