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Calasept plus

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Calasept® Plus
Calcium Hydroxide

The consistency of Calasept Plus allows calcium hydroxide to be applied using a small and flexible plastc needle, Flexi-Tip. The autoclavable Flexi-Tip in combination with the smooth consistency is time saving and helps for precise and deep application.

– Temporary root-filling
– Direct pulp capping

Reasons to use Calasept® Plus

Long-lasting and very effective
The very high concentration of >41% calcium hydroxide, in combination with optimal calcium ion release, creates an efficient and long-lasting antimicrobial effect.

Smooth consistency
Calasept Plus smooth consistency allows for direct placement of calcium hydroxide in the root canal through Flexi-Tip, a small and flexible plastic needle.

Precise and deep application with Flexi-Tip
The autoclavable Flexi-Tip, in combination with the smooth consistency, is time-saving, allowing for precise and deep application.

Prod No.

Prod No: 1240100  Calasept Plus 4U, Syringes à 1,5 ml 4 pcs
Prod No: 1241100  Calasept Plus Flexi-Tips luer lock, 100 pcs