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A dental drill or handpiece is a mechanical hand-held instrument used to perform various standard dental procedures, including decay removal, polishing fillings, performing cosmetic dentistry, and altering prostheses. The handpiece itself consists of internal mechanical components which initiate a rotational force and provide power to the cutting instrument. The type of apparatus used clinically will vary depending on the required function dictated by the dental procedure. It is common for a light source and cooling water-spray system to be incorporated into certain handpieces; this improves visibility, accuracy, and overall procedure success and efficiency. Read more

At Dental Assets, we offer you a wide variety of dental handpieces. Get the best tools for your dental consult room and let us achieve our main goal, which is you never pay more for your needs as a dental practitioner. So check out our excellent equipment selection and choose what best suits your requirements. Find our dental handpieces for sale by browsing our catalog.

Handpiece variety at Dental Assets

At Dental Assets, we offer our customers a significant number of options for dental handpieces. Our catalog can offer the following  types of handpieces equipment:

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At Dental Assets, we look forward to helping our customers with their Dental Handpiece requirements and inquiries. Please give us a call at (888) 518-5788 or contact us to discuss your requirements and find custom solutions tailored for you.

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