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Dental Prophylaxis Handpieces for Sale

Prophy is the common way to call Dental Prophylaxis, which is a dental treatment that involves polishing the teeth to control bacteria development on it and just beneath the gum line. Dentists recommend that this routine dental care service be performed every six months to maintain healthy gums and teeth. It’s considered an affordable and quick procedure (since it’ll never take more than an hour). At Dental Assets, we provide our customers with the right dental tools, so they perform these types of procedures efficiently and comfortably both for themselves and their patients. Never pay more to exceed your expectations and work with the most outstanding quality standards. Read more


Dental Hygiene Handpieces are essential to prophy procedures. At Dental Assets, we provide our customers with dental tools that allow efficient, comfortable, and thorough dental procedures. Our prophy handpieces catalog offers tools for smooth and comfortable teeth cleaning and polishing. In addition, we offer air-driven wired and wireless electric handpieces for prophy cleaning. Choosing a hygiene handpiece that will be comfortable for you and your patient is essential. Our prophy dental handpieces offer aluminum crafted options, which are a great alternative to the stainless steel handpieces, and they will give you a lighter handpiece. Our devices have non-slip grips as well to meet every procedure standard for safety and quality.


At Dental Assets, our prophy dental handpieces profile is lightweight, ergonomic, and efficient for easy and comfortable maneuvering when polishing your patient’s teeth. They work with most disposable prophy angles, which can be easily removed and changed. We make sure we provide tools that meet your dental needs, offering tools with variable rotation control, allowing you to adjust rotation speed at different levels without foot control. Find our prophy handpieces for sale browsing our catalog.

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