Dental Ultrasonic Cleaners for Sale

Ultrasonic Cleaners are a device solution in most dental practices for cleaning and sterilizing instruments. This type of unit removes the bioburden by using sound waves generated by electrical energy. As the sound waves move through the liquid cleaning solution, they cause the formation and bursting of millions of tiny bubbles. This “cavitation” process functions by disrupting chemical bonds, which hold the debris on instrument surfaces. This facilitates cleaning. Read more


Dental ultrasonic cleaners remove all types of debris from dental restorations and dental instruments effectively and thoroughly. These reach unreachable (for other cleaning methods) areas where microscopic contaminants might hide. Dental Assets provide sonic cleaners with output frequencies of about 40 kHz and 60 kHz and are built from stainless steel. Stay safe and avoid viruses spread and possible infections. Increase your dental office sanitary levels with our ultrasonic cleaners. Check out our catalog to find out more.


Equip your dental lab with us. At Dental Assets, we don’t take anything for granted. We ensure our clients never pay more for their requirements, forging a close relationship with them through our dedicated customer service, keeping track of feedback, and never forgetting the tiniest detail. You commit to your customers by providing them the most comfortable, reliable, consistent, and thorough dental service by choosing us. That is committing to success. Find our ultrasonic cleaners for sale by browsing our catalog.

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At Dental Assets, we look forward to helping our customers with their Ultrasonic Cleaner requirements and inquiries. Please give us a call at (888) 518-5788 or contact us to discuss your requirements and find custom solutions tailored for you.

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