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Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Units for Sale

What is a piezo dental Scaler? Like Cavitron Dental Scalers, a piezo dental scaler is an ultrasonic dental scaling system used to clean teeth. The machine uses oscillating sound waves to produce gentle vibrations that take plaque and tartar off the teeth. The main difference between Piezo and Cavitron dental scalers is the operating frequencies and the moving parts. Piezo Ultrasonic Scaling Units work from 25 – 50 kHz, and its tip vibrates back and forth against the tooth. With Dental Assets’ piezoelectric equipment, you’ll find a gentle yet powerful and efficient tool to provide the most comfortable experience to your patients. Read more


Piezo Ultrasonic technology achieves the best results while providing the most comfortable procedure. At Dental Assets, you can find a company that will bring the whole package. With optimized linear instrument movements aligned with the tooth surface for minimum abrasion. Our piezo units have more power settings than the industry standards for a customizable treatment for every patient and clinical situation. Our devices sense when there is a tougher deposit to adjust the power accordingly for less treatment disruption, making it a precise and reliable dental tool only Dental Assets will provide without overcharging.


At Dental Assets, you can find piezo scaling units for sale that prioritize your patients’ comfort. All the features of our piezo technology at Dental Assets are designed to optimize patient comfort while maintaining a high level of efficacy. When getting a Piezo Scaler from us, you get an almost silent device during operation; while still getting the precise linear technique. We take care of the fear associated with past procedures associated with uncomfortable noise and positions. Patients can tell when a dental office is committed to their experience as patients. Using our piezo technology will keep patients coming back and recommending your dental services.


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