Dental Burs: What Every Dentist Should Know


What are dental burs? Dental burs are an essential part of everyday general dentistry. The rotary instruments, designed for cutting hard tissues such as tooth enamel or bone, come in various shapes, sizes and grits with two or more sharp-edge blades and multiple cutting edges.   Historically used in the preparation of tooth restoration as […]

Infection Control In The Dental Office

Infection Control

Infection control procedures are actions taken in healthcare facilities to prevent the spread of disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends infection control in dental offices.    Your dentist is concerned about your safety and strives to prevent the spread of infection. Therefore, before entering the exam room, all surfaces, such as the […]

Electric Handpieces: Everything You Need to Know

Electric Handpieces

Comfortable and powerful electric handpieces are vital for any dental practice. Not only does it stand out over pneumatic handpieces, but its advantages favor patients and dentists.    Electric handpieces in recent years The handpiece is one of the essential parts of dental practice. From minor adjustments to everyday tasks, they have been used as […]