Medical Billing in your Dental Practice..

  • Confused about Medical Billing, Not sure it works?
  • Not sure if it fits in your practice or where to start?
  • Do you perform the procedures listed below?

*Appliance for SLEEP APNEA * CT Scan & Interpretation * Treatment for Infection * Jaw Reconstruction * * Ridge Augmentation * Sinus Lift * Patient Exam * Bone Graft and more…

If you have answered yes to any of these questions… Contact us to find out how we can help increase your reimbursements and case acceptance by billing Medical vs Dental!

Don’t miss out on thousands of dollars for procedures including CT’s; in billable procedures you are performing in order to provide quality care to your patients.

Have you received notices from major dental carriers and from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) telling you to enroll as Medicare providers?

If you do not enroll as Medicare providers, your Medicare age patients will not be able to obtain the medications prescribed, nor will medically necessary procedures be covered!

Let us help you understand your patients Medical Insurance Plans for successful Medical Coding and Billing in your Dental Practice.

  • Understanding the Revenue Cycle Management Process for Medical Plans during open enrollment
  • Importance of patient advocacy and communication during open enrollment
  • Understanding your patients Medical Plans makes it easier to understand how to implement successful Medical Billing in your Dental Practice
  • Understanding the intake process when processing Medical / Dental Claims
  • Understanding the different types of Health Plans and Flexible Spending plans
  • Opting in and out Medicare Part B Fee for Service IS MANDATORY what this means for Dentist
  • Benefits of Opting IN to Medicare and Impact of opting OUT or doing Nothing
  • Types of Services billable to Medicare Part B and Private (PPO) Medical Plans
  • What is Medical Necessity
  • The advantages to filing Medical primary for medically necessary services being performed using the patients major medical benefits

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