Your paperwork has been finalized. You’re registered with insurances, you have a DBA, your general equipment has been ordered, and you’ve started building a website, ordered your banner signs, and began other marketing efforts. What is left? Supplies, Marketing, Staffing, and other equipment.

What are general dental practice equipment? Essentials that are required to run your office; Dental Chair(s), Dental Compressor, Vacuum, Sterilizer, x-ray head, film/digital sensors, handpieces and instruments. Of course supplies are missing, but without these basic pieces, your office will not be able to operate. As posted in previous articles, we recommend purchasing a compressor and vacuum new. We would also recommend new x-ray heads, and digital sensors, but used items can be cost effective. provides you an easy to way find local equipment used by other dentists at lower prices.

With the essential equipment purchased, you can think about the supplies and extras; burs, lathes, trays, composites, filling material, anethetics and more.  For instruments, we recommend high quality supplies such as BMT Dental Instruments. Quality instruments will make your life easier and last longer than more affordable options.

Your office is now equipped, built-out and essentially ready for new patients. If you do a quick calculation of overall cost, you will most likely have atleast $50,000 invested. This is dependent on what equipment you will be using in your office. The old debate of want vs needs comes to mind.  I believe everyone wants a 3d scanner, Cerec, intra-oral cameras, x-ray sensors, lasers, and other high-tech goodies, but do you want to invest over $150,000+ in this equipment? The bottom line is, not every office needs the high end equipment. Looking at your location, you should have a general idea of the type of dentistry you will be practicing. Is your plan long term ownership? These are all calculations you will need to make on your own to determine how much capital your willing to invest within the office.

If this is the first practice you’ve owned you’ve made it through the first hurdle. Your office has been created, but now you have the hurdles of management, marketing, and overhead.