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Dental Assets | About us

Get More. Pay Less.

Dental Assets provides dental professionals with several ways to save money and actually put money back into their bank accounts.  We are the new way to buy and sell equipment and supplies, fulfill CE credits and market your practice!




Dental Assets Makes You Money!

Dentistry’s First and Only Marketplace Platform

Dental Assets is your premier dental marketplace website. We are developed by dental professionals for their profession. One of our goals is to assist dentists with buying and selling dental equipment, supplies, CE courses, and practices. At Dental Assets, we are the only one-stop-shop that allows you to buy a dental office and equip it simultaneously! While also giving you the option to sell your dental equipment and tools at our Marketplace Platform.

Dental Assets brings a new and exciting Marketplace Platform created by dentists for dentists. We encourage dental professionals to take a look at their dental office and find a number of products that may not be used very often or haven’t been used at all. It might be equipment that you no longer need or that was bought and never used. In any case, we give you the option to take advantage of this potential unfound wealth. First, list these items in our Local Listing Platform. Then, instead of sitting in your consult room, we offer you the opportunity to transform all your unused equipment into a so desired family trip or anything else you might require for your practice.

In addition, we at Dental Assets want our clients to never pay more. You can save money through our Manufactural Direct Platform by purchasing new dental equipment and supplies from brands you know and trust at distributor prices! We make sure dental practitioners don’t have to make an unimaginably large investment to enhance or start their practice. Instead, for additional savings, we provide used dental equipment from fellow dentists through our Local Deals or Auction Platform so you can equip your next start-up dental office.

Dental Assets | The One-Stop-Shop

We at Dental Assets provide the dental industry with the place to buy and sell their equipment and services. In addition, with us, you can find just the right post-graduate course or maybe financing for that new addition to your dental facility. This is what makes Dental Assets more than just a marketplace site.

Free to join, ease of use, and reasonable pricing are what make Dental Assets the most specialized place to find everything your dental practice requires in either short, medium, and long term. Commit to success and never pay more.

We reach out to dental practitioners and understand how unpleasant it is to buy and sell their equipment on other platforms that know nothing about the dental profession and only focus on selling. At Dental Assets, we want to establish strong connections between any part of the dental industry, so everything becomes easy to find and easy to get. Never pay more and come to the one-stop-shop for anything dental.

Our dedicated dental platform ensures dental professionals are viewing your items. Our traffic is targeted, and it comes from a 45,000 local and international dentists’ database. With suitable viewers looking at your items, you get the chance to get the most benefits from them.

At Dental Assets, we take care of both ends of our transactions. Our sellers get complete control of their items, but we encourage them to place realistic prices. For example, a 10-year-old chair will not sell for the amount you might have purchased it for ten years ago, even in pristine condition. At Dental Assets, we provide our users with fair deals for the best dental equipment. Not sure what your item may be worth? Contact our experts to help you price your item!

At Dental Assets, we don’t take anything for granted. So, in addition to reaching out to a dental equipment specialist, we utilize its historical sales information. Of course, we realize each sale is different due to time, condition, location, and many other factors. Still, we provide a historical trend of sales prices because this information is always valuable and helpful.

Make Dental Assets Work for Me

Dental Assets is a niche sales and marketing platform that specifically targets the dental industry. We advertise directly to our database of approximately 45,000 dental practitioners throughout the United States. We provide you with the best dental supplies and equipment you need at the best possible prices available today.

Can’t find what you need? Just ask, and our team will search our affiliate partners to find that product at the best possible price.

With years of experience in the dental industry, from both the practitioner’s and manufacturer’s viewpoint, we understand your requirements and how difficult it can be to find what you need when you need it. We at Dental Assets understand as well as you do the dental profession.

Listing an item for sale

To become a seller, you must register/create an account.

Once you have created your account, log in, and you will need to complete your seller profile. Your seller profile will allow you to brand yourself, input/connect your PayPal account, and list private seller information only shared with Dental Assets.

After completing our seller profile, select “List an Item” from the left side menu and begin the listing process. Once you have completed the listing, your item will be up for approval. A Dental Assets representative will review your account and item. Most items will be approved within 24 hours!

Dental Assets’ Commissions

We at Dental Assets do not assess any listing fees unless you prefer to have a representative upload your products on your behalf. Contact us to discuss your goals.

All items listed are sold on a commission basis, with commissions beginning at 15%.

Dental Assets’ Sales Timeline

The amount of time it takes to sell your dental item depends on:

  1. Quality of the item
  2. Price
  3. Your location

When pricing used equipment, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the buyer is purchasing an item with no warranty and doesn’t know about the item’s condition. If you have a set price in mind, we would recommend listing at that price if it’s reasonable. Second, items being sold in larger cities traditionally sell faster due to the number of local buyers. We rarely see cases where a dentist from Florida purchases large equipment from California, for example.

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Trusted by over 45,000 dentists in the Indian Dental Association of California


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Notwithstanding the foregoing, You may retain a list that contains general descriptions of any Confidential Materials returned or destroyed in order to facilitate the resolution of any disputes after the Confidential Materials have been returned. Commercial Mortgage Loans. Where the Transaction is for, or involves, the purchase of a commercial mortgage, You shall not contact the borrower or its representatives or affiliates and You have waived all rights to access or inspect the collateral property. Disclosure Required by Law or Court Order. In the event that You or any of Your Representatives are requested or required to disclose any Confidential Materials, You will provide DentalAssets and/or Owner with prompt written notification of such request or requirement and consult with DentalAssets and/or Owner as to the advisability of taking legal steps to resist or narrow such request. 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A delay or failure on the part of DentalAssets or Owner in seeking such rights and/or remedies does not constitute a waiver of the same, nor does any specification in this Agreement of any particular remedy constitute a waiver or prohibition of any other remedies in the event of a breach of this Agreement. Indemnification. You and Your Representatives acknowledge and agree to indemnify DentalAssets and Owner from all losses, claims, expenses and/or damages resulting from any breach of this Agreement. You also agree to release DentalAssets and Owner of all claims arising from the Confidential Materials, or information that should have been contained therein. Legal and Regulatory Compliance. You acknowledge that You will comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and ordinances, whether they be federal, state, local or international, regarding Your use of the Confidential Materials. Governing Law; Venue. 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