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Dental Assets is an All-In-One eCommerceAuctionandSalesListing Solution Marketplace that has been developed specifically for the Dental Industry. Dental Professionals and Laboratories could utilize ourLocalandAuctionListing Tools to assist in buying and sellingDental Equipment,Supplies,CE Courses,Practices, and Real Estate! As the only dental-specific platform, you will find dental equipment, dental supplies, CE courses, Practices, and Real Estate from Dental Manufacturers, Dental Suppliers, and other Dental Professionals.

To start buying and selling on Dental Assets,create an account. Once you have created your account and logged in, view your inventory by utilizing our search bar on top, you can also use our navigational headers on the left side.

You will be able to filter through your results, so they change depending on the type of product you are looking for.

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Dental Auctions

Who is selling the equipment/supplies/CE Course/Practice?

We at Dental Assets represent individual dentists as well as manufacturers and resellers. Therefore, depending on the product you are purchasing, you will be able to see the seller’s username and location.

Are all the products new or used?

We at Dental Assets provide products that are newandused. New products are denoted to be New in their condition tabs. Used products will also be marked as used. Dental Assets do NOT warranty any used products and recommend thorough due diligence before purchasing/bidding on an item.

Do I have to pay to sell/list an item?

We at Dental Assets do not charge any listing fees for dentist sellers. We only take a commission once the item is sold. Once you have listed your item on our site, we will begin marketing campaigns to drive interest in your products. If you are looking for additional marketing opportunities,contact us.

What is Dental Asset’s Commission Fee?

We only charge an Industry-Low 5% at the time of Sale!

How do I get paid once the item sells?

We at Dental Assets act as an escrow company during the sale of an item. First, We take 100% of the funds from the buyer. Then, once we have allowed the buyer to receive the item, we send payment minus our commission to the seller.

How long will it take for an item I ordered to arrive?

We at Dental Assets do not ship the item, but we do have an estimated shipping time. If you’re buying directly from a manufacturer/supplier, we also have estimated shipping times. The rest is dependent on the method they are shipping (airmail, next-day service, etc.) and their location in regards to your location.

Why should you trust Dental Assets?

Buyer – Your payment sits in anescrow accountwith us until you have received what you’ve purchased. Warranties and returns are based on the seller’s warranty and return policy listed on the product description page and included on the shipping slip. 

Seller– We hold payment on behalf of the buyer and ensure you are paid once the 30-day escrow period has passed.

How does a practice sale work?

Practice Sales on Dental Assets work like a traditional practice sale. First, all offers are presented to the seller for their review. The seller then selects the offer that works best for them; based on the offer price, type of payment (financed/cash), and other closing terms. Once the offer has been accepted and agreed upon, Dental Assets has aTicor Titleescrow agent that assists with the transaction. A buyer deposit is required within five days of offer acceptance and the escrow period begins. Once due diligence is completed and funds are exchanged, the transaction is completed.

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Dental Medical Marketplace

Which Manufacturers Do We Carry?

We Carry only Quality Supplies and Equipment from Reputable Manufacturers. Please visit our Brands page for a complete list.

Where are our Warehouses?

Dental Assets partners directly with our Reputable Dental Medical Manufacturers to deliver the Newest, Freshest Batch of products. Another benefit to our Manufacturer Direct method is that our partners’ warehouses are spread throughout the US, allowing for a potentially faster delivery time.

Are All Products New?

All Products sold by Manufacturers are Brand New, unless otherwise stated on the Listing

Geographic Limitations for Purchase

Unfortunately, due to the complex laws regarding Dental Medical Supplies & Equipment Worldwide, we only sell within the United States. We do not sell to US Territories.


Most Orders will Ship within 1 to 2 Business Days of Receipt. If a delay occurs, one of our Friendly Customer Service Agents will reach out to the contact info listed under your order.

Most of our orders utilize eitherFedExorUPSGround for Standard Shipping. For small, lightweight items, we may elect to utilizeUSPS. We cannot accommodate a Specific Carrier for your Order as our Warehouse makes the final determination.


Cancellations will have to be made immediately after purchase, as our Warehouse is quick to start processing. Once our Warehouse queus your Order for Processing, it is impossible to cancel as its’ automated system will have started its’ process of ensuring the order goes out within the warehouse’s alotted timeframe.

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Questions, Concerns, etc…

For any other Questions, Concerns, or to say hi, please contact us at[email protected] via ourOnline Webform.

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