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Dental Saddle stools are a part of the consulting room that cannot be taken for granted. This is where dentistry practitioners will spend most of their time performing dental procedures and exams. Take care of yourself so you can take care of your patients, stay comfortable, and trust Dental Assets to cover all your requirements. In our catalog, you’ll be able to find comfortable and ergonomic dental assistant chairs and dentist saddle chairs with cushioned seats, adjustable heights, and a wheeled base for easy and customizable maneuvering. Read more


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Please click here.Dental Assistant Chairs are a crucial addition that could take your dental procedures to another level. Proper dental professionals get both dentist saddle chairs (also referred to as doctor’s stools) and dental assistant chairs (also referred to as assistant’s stools). There are just two main differences between them. Still, the importance of these differences is that getting both or getting just one separates great dental practitioners from regular ones. For dental assistant chairs, this stool’s height adjustment usually comes to about 22’’ – 30’’ high; another feature is an armrest that might be included in some models to provide greater support during various procedures. For dentist saddle chairs, the height adjustment is about 19’’ – 24’’ high. This gets closer to the patient for detailed work. In addition, most of these dental stools feature an armless design for a greater range of motion. We at Dental Assets offer new and refurbished used dental stools, browse our catalog and choose what best suits you.


Equip your dental office with us. At Dental Assets, we don’t take anything for granted. We ensure our clients never pay more for their requirements, forging a close relationship with them through our dedicated customer service, keeping track of feedback, and never forgetting the tiniest detail. You commit to your customers by providing them the most comfortable, reliable, consistent, and thorough dental service by choosing us. That is committing to success. Find our dental stool for sale by browsing our catalog.

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