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Oil-Free Air Compressors for a Better Future

Oil-Free Air Compressors for a Better Future

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The initiative for a brighter tomorrow doesn’t come around often enough. We all have a role to play, whether by supporting the global brands encouraging campaigns or working with environmentally-friendly equipment, such as oil-free air compressors. 

The positive impact these oil-free products can have on the environmental world with the problem of carbon emissions only reinforces the solutions we are looking to help address the world’s escalating ecological and social crises.

We, as a whole, need to start working consciously and actively to try to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. We want to make a positive difference today, so the world is better when the sun rises tomorrow. 

For that, we intend to positively impact the dentistry business around the world with our oil-free air compressors. This will make the world a better place by preserving the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. 


Top-quality compressed air

A failure of any oil-injected compressor’s components or inadequate maintenance can result in oil contamination causing health hazards, damaged products and reputation. When equipment produces poor quality air or improperly generates a humid environment,  it may be creating a breeding ground for unwanted microorganisms.

Oil-free compressors are designed to greatly improve air quality and exclude the risk of oil contamination. 

These air compressors are frequently found in dental clinics. They are used for various devices and components, from the turbine in the handpiece to pressure-molding devices to actuating precision cutters in the laboratory. Compressed air is also used for cleaning dental and drying directly inside the mouths of patients.

The oil in the compressed air stream becomes a hazardous element. Even with filtering systems, it is impossible to remove all oil from the air stream of an oil-lubricated compressor. As a result, bacteria-laden air flows into the patient’s mouth and subsequently throughout the operatory environment. 

Oil aerosol acts much like bad cholesterol levels in the body; components will become clogged or damaged. This oil vapor can negatively impact health, dental instruments, and restorations. 

The oil-free air compressor eliminates all of these problems because it produces the purest form of air, reducing any negative impact on the atmosphere preserving the planet’s natural resources, and eliminating the risk of compressed air pipeline fires as well. 


How best to proceed in this ever-changing world 

Oil-free air compressors are both efficient and environmentally friendly. 

Oilless compressors consume less energy than their oil-lubricated counterpart, which puts less demand upon your facility’s resources. They also do not emit or produce any harmful or hazardous waste, making them incredibly green. 

An oilless compressor can improve dental office’s air quality because they don’t use oil to operate, they won’t generate harmful emissions that can be dangerous for your patients and staff. 

Oil contamination can slow down production and ruin your equipment, which may mean that the dental office has to operate for longer hours to make up the difference, directly impacting the cost of energy bills. 

This will further worsen your carbon footprint, as you will need to run equipment, lighting, heating, and cooling systems longer than usual, thus consuming more energy and aggravating the situation. 

With oil-free air compressors, all costs to collect and dispose of oil-laden condensate will be removed, not to mention the initial price of the oil itself. In addition, oil-free air compressors are less wasteful because they don’t feature certain maintenance elements that need constant replacement, making them a more eco-friendly solution. 


An eco-friendly option: Oil-Free Air Compressors

Oil-free air compressors are critical products in the medical and dental industries. In dentistry, compressed air is used for several tasks, but the most important is powering moving tools and equipment like air blowers, dental drills, and high-speed handpieces. 

Making sure we use an oil-free air compressor is the best way to provide an efficient, consistent, reliable, and thorough dental practice while keeping our patient’s comfort in high regard and being environment-friendly.  

Oilless compressor users can save time and money in maintenance costs because this technology has a relatively simple structure, no oil separator filter, and not many details such as gas pumps. 

Oil-free air compressors will help create clean, odorless, and super-dry compressed air without any hazardous consequences for your patients or the environment.

In addition, these compressors are super quiet, do not cause loud noises, making them comfortable to use in dental clinics. 


 The advantages of oil-free air compressing equipment 

  • Oil-free air compressors are far lighter and smaller than oil-based, making them ideal for meeting the needs of dental clinics. 
  • These compressors only use around 18 % of their total load horsepower, requiring less energy to run, making the electricity consumption lower than conventional air compressors, which increases the machine’s durability and cuts down the environmental impact.  
  • Oil-free air compressors are compact in design and more versatile. This is convenient for complex assemblies and large pressure generators, making them ideal for dynamic applications.
  • Operating temperatures are low, from 70 to 800 °F, degrees while others run on higher temperatures. 
  • The compressed air source ensures that it’s free of oil, dust, and impurities that could harm our patient’s health and the environment. 
  • Oil-free air compressors are lubricated with water, saving money from pumping oil. 


Dental Assets takes care of your future air

Dentistry is an important area that has a direct impact on human health. Therefore, all the equipment and tools used in the dental industry must always ensure absolute cleanliness and safety. 

For that, you need to purchase our oilless compressor. In Dental Assets, we have the best option for you. 


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