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Papaya Plus (2-In-1 Dental X-ray Imaging system)

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Papaya Plus (2-In-1 Dental X-ray Imaging system)


  • Base price comes with Full part warranty 5 years
  • Core parts : Generator and Detector
  • Option prices is based on initial purchasing with the device
  • Intel i5 with SSD system, 24 inch monitors, software included.
  • Price includes shipping and installation

Panoramic Imaging
By choosing a sensor, which improves the image quality while keeping radiation exposure to a minimum, Genoray has shown that it puts patient’s safety first.

Cephalometric Imaging
When compared to the standard scanning method, PAPAYA PLUS has the shortest scan time out there. Among patient discomfort, image’s swing, and distortion, they are reduced along with the short scan time.

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Tomography Imaging (Optional)
PAPAYA PLUS added Tomography function and without hardware upgrade and considering of manufacturing of Tomography function; in addition to S/W, PAPAYA provides Tomography image.

High Resolution Cephalometric Technology
It is enough only 4 second for scanning cephalo image on fast mode.  This reduces motion artifacts.

The Different Detector Types
High-Definition images distinguish themselves from the old indirect conversion type of a CCD sensor. This should be the only way you view images

User Friendly
Face to face positioning / Fit each individual’s jaw shape. / Voice support system / Hand switch / Emergency switch / Wheelchair accessible

Multi-Focus Function
Multi-focus function ables to overcome operator’s mistake from patient’s faulty positioning and re-exposuring X-ray. By reconstructing image with software way, the panoramic images layer can be corrected by multi-focus function.

Exposure Programs
Lateral, AP, PA, Water’s view, Submento vertex, and carpus.

Various Scan Mode

With various scan modes of Panoramic, CT and Cephalometric*, assist in accurate diagnosis. (Panoramic, TMJ, Sinus, Cephalometric)

Magic Ceph Hole

The Magic Hole is a passageway through the X-ray to prevent image distortion when scanning Ceph.

CUST (Cubical Semi Tomographic)

Using 256 cross-sectional images, CUST makes the images required for implant diagnosis. More economical than 3D CT.

Multi Focus

With five panoramic images simultaneously acquired in a single scan, selet the best image.

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