Extraoral Dental Suction Systems for Sale

Extraoral Suction Systems are an essential tool in the modern dental office. Since Aerosol and droplet production is inherent to dentistry, the potential for many kinds of disease spread through aerosols and droplets characterizes the consulting room as having a high risk of experiencing viral transmission; this creates the necessity for aerosol and droplet mitigation. At Dental Assets, our Dental Suction Systems use high airflow vacuum systems intended to scavenge every kind of particle from the vicinity of the patient’s mouth and trap droplets by depth filtration for safe disposal. Elevate to another level your workspace by making it a safe and healthy environment using our reliable suction systems technology. Read more


At Dental Assets, safety comes first with our Suction Systems. Keep your working environment’s air clean with our specialized dental products with advanced technology to protect your patients and staff. With our Extraoral Dental Suction Units, you’ll get tools that operate in the most precise fashion, providing the most consistent and reliable air suction for both routine dental care services and emergency dental care services. When you browse through our collection, you’ll find a wide range of proper dental equipment that will help you remove every last bit of droplets and aerosols associated with dental care. When choosing Dental Assest’s devices for extraoral suction systems, you’ll get the best devices when it comes to air cleaning and sterilization.


How to Choose an Extraoral Dental Suction Unit?

There are many factors to keep in mind when selecting an ESU for your practice. First, think about what size you need based on your required output; allow 1 HP for every two users. Quieter lubricated models create a more pleasant experience for both personnel and patients, while oil-free compressors require less maintenance than the first. At Dental Assets, we offer you brand new and used dental suction systems, so you never pay more to meet and exceed your high-quality standards.


Contact Us for your Extraoral Suction System Requirements

At Dental Assets, we look forward to helping our customers with their Extraoral Suction System requirements and inquiries. Please give us a call at (888) 518-5788 or contact us to discuss your requirements and find custom solutions tailored for you.

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