We have started the construction of the office. Depending on the condition of the space, your contractor may need to take different steps to prep the floor. In our case, we removed the floor tile to expose the cement. From there, the contractor followed the floorplan and sprayed out the floor plan.

With the floor planned painted, and the plumbing routes figured out, the contractor began cutting the cement and laying the foundation of the office.

You may notice the ground is still wet. They use a water cutter to ensure the blade does not over heat and the water goes everywhere. Your contractor should also provide you with a timeline (often called a Perk Chart) to see how far along they get on a daily/weekly basis.

The foundation is laid with nails that are driven into the concrete. Once the concreate is cut for plumbing, the contractor finishes up the framing. With the framing complete, your contractor should have a local inspector come to view all the work to ensure it is up to code. The inspector may come quickly, but more often than not there is a delay for the inspector to inspect the work.

Now is the time to run cables for any additional features you want (speaker systems, camera systems, networking lines). You will see in a few of the photos portions of the electrical work have begun.

If you have questions or concerns on how to start your build out or about this Paramount build out, email [email protected] or call us at 888 518 5788